Cordless Tools Guide

There's a whole new world of cordless appliances, and cordless tools have officially become the industry standard. As the market grows, whether for professional or recreational use, people continue to make the switch to cordless industrial tools and never look back. However, your search may not be very straight forward as we navigate the jargon and cordless tool battery specifications. So the trick to making sure your next purchase is a success is this cordless power tools buying guide. 

Why Choose Cordless Tools?

In this cordless tools guide, we will give you all the information you need to upgrade your power tool collection. So, why choose cordless tools? 

  • You can transport and use cordless tools anywhere with no need to search for plug sockets.

  • You can avoid all dangerous wires and long extension cord situations.

  • Cordless Tools are easier to manoeuvre as they are lightweight and compact.

  • There are now more cordless tool options available with all major brands so it's easy to find the right tool.

  • You don’t have to compromise on price as cordless and corded tools offer a similar price point.

  • Cordless tools now have the same power output as their corded equivalent. 

  • No wires mean storing cordless tools is far easier.

What Cordless Tools Do I Need?

Our most popular cordless tools:

  1. DeWalt Impact DriverWith this tool, you can drive long screws, large fasteners and tighten nuts. By using the precision mode, you’ll have more control to avoid material or fastener damage. It’s a really versatile tool that can be used in a range of projects due to its application control, 3 motor speeds and torque settings. This DeWalt cordless drill is supplied with a Li-ion battery, belt hook, magnetic bit holder, multi-voltage XR charger and a matching toolbox.

  1. Milwaukee Combi Drill & Impact Driver KitWith this tool, you kill two birds with one stone. The compact percussion drill has a high performance 4 pole motor which translates to maximum power. The Milwaukee cordless tool offers a 13mm chuck for quick bit changes and bit retention. This combo kit is accompanied by a brushless Milwaukee impact driver that has a full metal gearbox and gears for maximum torque and durability. It is supplied with a one-handed bit insert for retention lock. The kit also includes a set of Li-ion batteries, chargers and carry cases, so this really is a one-stop-shop. 

  1. Einhell Cordless JigsawThe Einhell cordless jigsaw is equipped for diverse sawing jobs with a smooth operation and precise cuts. The blades can easily be changed and the tool can be used to allow cuts at angles up to 45°. With an adjustable 4 setting pendulum stroke and an additional cutting line guide, this power tool offers controlled use on wood and plastic. Powered by Li-ion batteries however the item is sold as a bare unit.

  1. Hitatchi SDS-Plus Hammer DrillThis tool is designed as a compact, lightweight and optimal performance with a reverse function and variable speeds. The Hitachi Cordless Hammer Drill is perfect for drilling into metal, wood and concrete with an electric brake for safety. This item is sold as a bare unit. 

  1. Einhell Cordless SanderThis tool offers a quick change of the paper and reduced slippage, it is a must-have for your power toolbox. The Einhell Cordless Sander ensures active dust extraction for minimal mess. Completed with 6 sheets of abrasive paper for wood sanding, the tool is compatible with Li-ion batteries but is sold as a bare unit.

Which Battery Type Is The Best For Cordless Tools?

The short answer is the Li-ion battery (Lithium Ion), which has been a game-changer for cordless tools and quickly overtaking the market. They can recharge relatively quickly, have a high life cycle of about 2-3 years, are small and lightweight, and provide power for extended time periods. But looking after your battery and tools is the golden ticket to getting your money’s worth. Just remember to buy cordless tools that are compatible with your batteries and consider a battery that will fit multiple cordless tools. 

What Do I Need to Know When Buying a Cordless Tool Battery?

  • Ampere-Hour (AH) is the total amount of charge your battery can produce per hour, so consider the amperes (amps) your cordless tool will use.

  • Battery Voltage (V) is a rating to measure how much power the battery can supply. Consider how much power you will need and which tool you will be using.

  • Memory Effect determines if the battery can adjust to a shorter charge period if it isn’t fully drained, so no memory effect is usually preferred.

  • Cycle Life is the measurement of how many times the battery can be charged until it loses the ability to recharge.

  • Self- Discharge is a measured percentage of charge lost per month after your battery has been fully charged. This is dependent on how often you use your cordless power tools as with Li-ion batteries it is recommended not to discharge them completely for longer life. 


As battery technology advances for electric cars and energy storage, the question of cordless tools vs corded is a no-brainer. The future looks cordless!