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Romex - Rompox D1 - Stone Grey - Pavement Fixing Mortar Slurry 25Kg

  • Romex - Rompox D1 - Stone Grey - Pavement Fixing Mortar Slurry 25Kg Romex - Rompox D1 - Stone Grey - Pavement Fixing Mortar Slurry 25Kg
  • Romex - Rompox D1 - Stone Grey - Pavement Fixing Mortar Slurry 25Kg Romex - Rompox D1 - Stone Grey - Pavement Fixing Mortar Slurry 25Kg
  • Romex - Rompox D1 - Stone Grey - Pavement Fixing Mortar Slurry 25Kg Romex - Rompox D1 - Stone Grey - Pavement Fixing Mortar Slurry 25Kg

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PLEASE NOTE: Romex have since changed the packaging and no longer supply the Rompox D1 in the bucket container these now come in a box with the aggregate and solution separate. The aggregate comes in a bag with the solution in small bottles. 

ROMEX Stone Grey, the mid range colour, a medium grey coloured pavement fixing mortar is tailored to meet the most varied requirements and form the basis of strong, clean paved stone joints. The quick and easy to use products have many advantages, especially for use within city areas. With ROMPOX D1, the proven 2 component epoxy resin pavement fixing mortar for medium traffic loads, it is no longer a problem to joint slabs cleanly and permanently, without having to overstretch your budget. ROMEX pavement fixing mortars are proven to be long lasting throughout whole stretches of road. The slabs in pedestrian zones can be jointed just as well as jointing on heavily trafficked roads. Regardless of where the slabs you want to joint are situated, you can always be sure to achieve a clean result with no cement residue. You no longer have to worry about frost damage or washing out of joints, as all products are frost, de-icing salt and street-sweeper resistant. In addition, weeds are no longer able to take hold, thus ensuring a permanently visually attractive jointed surface. If you value a good visual result, easy application and environmentally friendly construction methods, then use ROMEX pavement fixing mortars for the jointing of your slabs.

Product Code rompox.stonegrey.d1
Quick Find Code 008489
Manufacturer Romex
Manufacturer Romex
Colour Stone Grey
Container Coverage 1 tub covers 10 - 15sqm on a 15.3sqm patio pack of paving slabs, please see spec for indepth measurements
Container Size 25kg
Size NA
Usage Instructions

Construction Site Requirements: The foundation needs to be prepared according to the expected traffic loads. Future loads must not cause the surface to settle or loosen stones.

Preparation: Clean out joints to a depth of at least 30mm (minimum joint width 3mm). The surface to be joint-fixed should be cleaned of all impurities before work commences. Adjoining surfaces that are not to be joint-fixed are taped off.

Pre-wet: Pre-wet the surface. Porous surfaces as well as higher surface temperatures, requiremore intense pre-wetting.

Mix: Pour the 25kg filler components into the mixing tub and start the mixing process. Whilst mixing, slowly add the separately packaged components completely into the mixture. After mixing for 3 minutes add water according to the product package and continue mixing well for at least 3minutes.

Application: Apply the mixed pavement fixing mortar onto the well moistened surface and work it carefully into the joints using a squeegee/rubber slider. The mortar is poured out at three or fourspots within the jointing area in order to make best use of the fluidity of the pavement fixing mortar. Application time at +20°C is approx. 20 – 30 minutes.

Final cleaning: After approx. 10 – 15 minutes the excess mortar on the surface of the stones can be swept off carefully with a large, coarse broom. Then use a soft, hair broom to do a final cleaning until all residual mortar has been removed from the surface. The correct moment for sweeping, is when white smears no longer form on the stone surface during sweeping. Sweeping should be done diagonally to the joint. Do not re-use swept off material.

Subsequent treatment: The freshly jointed surface needs to be protected against rain for the next 12 – 24 hours. The rain protection layer must not be laid directly onto the paved surface thisis to ensure sufficient air circulation. During the initial period a very thin film of epoxy resin remains on the stone surface and intensifies the colour of the stone and protects it from dirt. This film disappearsover the course of time due to weathering and abrasion.

Consumption table in kg/m² - Basis for calculation: joint depth 30 mm      
Stone Size 40 x 40cm 20 x 20cm 16 x 24cm 14 x 16cm 9 x 11cm 4 x 6cm
3 mm 0,7 1,4 1,4 1,7
5 mm 1,1 2,3 2,4 2,9 4,4 8,1
8 mm 1,8 3,6  3,8  4,6  7,0  13,0 
Polygonal Slabs  approx. 4 - 6     
Country of Manufacture Germany

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